Shiroki “Life with passion”

“La calligrafia è un’arte plastica di caratteri scritti con inchiostro cinese e un pennello. Il movimento del pennello, l’ombra dell’inchiostro, la bellezza di tutta la distribuzione del nero sul bianco e il significato dei caratteri scritti si formalizzano sulla carta divenendo un nuovo linguaggio. Amo lavorare sullo spazio bianco, mi attrae la libertà che mi permette questo tipo di espressione artistica, che mi permette di inviare messaggi diretti agli spettatori.” Shiroki


LIFE with Passion – Shiroki exhibition.

I began to learn the basics about calligraphy from 5-year-old, and I was drawn into this black and white world since then.
I was beyond the limit of it after a long time, and unconsciously developed toward art.

Calligraphy is a plastic art of characters written by Chinese ink and a brush.
The brush movement, shade of the ink, beauty of the entire deployment, and meaning of the characters written are expressed. There is a kind of calligraphy called avant-garde calligraphy.
In the white space, it’s like drawing an abstract painting.
I was attracted by this expression’s freedom to deliver messages from myself directly to viewers.

And then, after repeated experiments, I finally found my original ink and the texture that can only be expressed using it.

Passion as a woman.

Passion to the unknown.

Passion of joy during creation.

Soul-stirring passion.

Passion as Japanese.

Passion that can only be understood from my original paintings.

Pursuing for a passionate life.

I use the magnitude of the passion as my driving force.